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Friday Night in a Bookstore

A new romantic comedy musical in the making!
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Listen to the opening song!

Lucy goes to her local bookstore every Friday evening in the hopes of meeting "the one." Andrew, an aspiring writer, works at the bookstore. The two become friends, but when Lucy seemingly finds "the one," Andrew can only finish his novel and hope for love to come find him.

The title page/cover art of the Friday Night in a Bookstore short story.
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Friday Night in a Bookstore was supposed to be just a cute song, but shortly after I released it on Valentine's Day in 2023, I realized the cute song was the perfect opening for a musical. I began working on the book of the musical, and shared a few songs at the Fall 2023 Spark Theater Festival. I hope to eventually make Friday Night in a Bookstore a movie-musical, but for now in 2024, the first step is to do a staged reading.

As you know putting musicals together can be quite costly. I especially make a point to pay all artists involved in my projects at every step of the way. I am hoping to hold a free reading open to the public, but in order to do that, I need to raise money to ensure actors and musicians involved get paid for their time and hardwork. I am hoping to raise $1500 to do a staged reading by the fall of 2024. In return for your donation you'll recieve 1) an e-file copy of the Friday Night in a Bookstore short story, 2) access to the filmed lived-stage reading of Friday Night in a Bookstore 3) Your name listed as a donor on all program materials and 4) my undying gratitude for helping to bring this beautiful piece of work to life! 

-Gwendolyn Fiz

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