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There is nothing I enjoy more than passing on my knowledge of the ukulele with others. The ukulele is the most accessible instrument, and I have taught ages 4-70, and have worked with ukulele ensembles and groups as well! Still have some questions? Check out the FAQ below for the answers to some commonly asked questions. To book a lesson, send an email to:


30 min: $40
45min: $50
60min: $60
Group (2 or more)
60 min: $100
Where do the lessons take place?
In your home or via zoom! 

How do I pay?
You can pay via venmo, paypal, or cash at the end of each lesson. The lessons are pay-as-you-go. If you'd like to pay for a package of 4 or gift someone a lesson, feel free to send an email, and I'll get ya sorted!

How old does my child need to be to start?
Typically a child can begin to learn an instrument at age 4. However, for the ukulele, I've found that age 4 can be tough to hold and grip the ukulele. I recommend waiting until age 6 to start. 

I'm left handed, is there a left handed ukulele?
If you're left-handed, you just have to change the order of the strings on the ukulele. I can help with changing the strings during the first lesson. 

What kind of ukulele should I get?
Kala has a lot of great options for a beginner ukulele that won't break the bank! For a beginner ukulele player, I recommend getting a soprano or a concert ukulele to start. For kids, soprano is best because it is small enough for them to hold comfortably while adults may want to opt for the concert ukulele to have more space on the fret board for their fingers. Of course when purchasing your ukulele, don't forget to include a tuner and a case! 

How many lessons will I need before I can play a song?
This of course is different for everyone. Most students age 11 and up leave the first lesson being able to play a song while it can take up to 4 lessons for a 6 year old to play a song like The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

What does a first lesson look like?
During the first lesson we'll start by setting up the ukulele(tuning, how to hold the instrument,etc), and then we'll dive in with the basic beginner chords. We'll end each lesson with what to practice for the next week.

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