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Join me for a 3-week songwriting course! Week 1 we'll run through crafting the perfect story for our songs, week 2 we'll explore how chords work to convey meaning to our lyrics, and week 3 will be a songwriting share! You can come for all 3 weeks or just 1 week. For week 3, priority is given to those with a 3-week pass! 

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Gwendolyn Fitz Music's latest single: Utterly, Incandescently Happy is now available to stream!

My next single , Utterly Incandescently Happy is out! It's  about falling in love after    being on my own, and it of course was inspired a bit by Pride and Prejudice! You can listen by clicking  
the link below, and I hope you enjoy!

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Join me for the world premiere of The Ukulele Player's Dilemma, my first solo comedy show hosted by the Vino Theater's Down to Clown Festival! 

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