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There has been a murder at Killburn Manor, and everyone is a suspect.

Oct. 24th 5pm ET


$10 Suggested Donation

paypal: @gwendolynfitzmusic


Joe Staton is a British actor based in London and New York City. He is a recent graduate of the Stella Adler Studio of Acting (Two year Evening Conservatory) in New York and the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London (One Year Foundation Diploma). Originally from Minehead, Sommerset, he grew up in France and Spain. Joe will be playing the lead role of Detective Dulock.

Gwendolyn Fitz is a jazz-pop infused songwriter based in Brooklyn. She heads many projects including the Brooklyn Ukulele Festival and a livestream podcast show entitled Her Song, Her Voice, Her Story where she interviews women in the music industry. In her spare time, Gwendolyn also enjoys making short silent films-specifically about an avocado living in Brooklyn. Alongside writing and directing A Murder at Killburn Manor, Gwendolyn will also be playing the role of Watts, an eager detective's assistant.

Autumn Alton is an actress from Texas who lived in New York and attended Stella Adler Studio of Acting, but now lives in Phoenix, AZ, though she is currently in TX during this show. She's had the same ukulele (Gregory) for close to a decade-a very well-loved, and hopefully still sounds great ukulele.  Autumn will be playing the roles of Professor Ableton, a scholarly scientist, and the Butler who always seems to know everything.

Clare Louise Roberts holds a degree in Drama and Musical Theatre from University of Cumbria. Clare has done Theatre-In-Education and Pantomime tours in the UK, and is also a drama workshop facilitator. Alongside acting, Clare also has experience as a playwright, Like for Like, and is also a Ukulele Songwriter under the name, Little Strings. Clare will be playing the roles of Bridget, the anxious niece of Lord Killburn, and Mel, a woman of suspicion.

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