My Teaching History

I first started teaching in 2015. I was a volunteer for Kids In a New Groove, an organization in Texas that provided free music lessons to children in foster care. My very first student, Lizely, was a sassy girl of six. Every week I would give her piano lessons. We didn't always get along, but through our lessons, she learned how to trust someone, and I learned how to teach someone to play music. A year later, I had the pleasure of being in the courtroom when Lizely and her younger sister were adopted.

In December of 2016, I moved to New York City to pursue music. I started the new year teaching piano, voice, and ukulele at a local music and art school, and by some crazy luck, the following September I found myself in a private catholic school teaching music to grades pre-k through 8th. Teaching 25 plus kids at once was a new experience, and I fumbled a lot in the beginning, but by the end of the first year, the students and I were having a pretty good time.

Now alongside with teaching privately, I am also a Teaching Artist with the New York Pops.

In my teaching, I focus on the idea of play. For younger children I turn lessons into a series of games.  For older students I focus on not only technique, but how to play with emotion. With each student I focus in on how music is important because it can create community by bringing people together. This is why teaching music is so special to me, and I look forward to sharing my love of creating music with you and yours. -Gwendolyn Fitz

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